Social Media Manager Salaries: How Much Do They Make?

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As social media has grown in importance in the modern world, so too has the field of social media management become a focal point for many businesses. A Social Media Manager plans, coordinates, and implements a company’s or organization’s social media strategy. They are crucial to the development and upkeep of a company’s online image. This article’s goal is to give readers an introduction to the salary range for a Social Media Manager and the variables that play a role in setting that range.

Salary Range for a Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager Salaries: How Much Do They Make?

Many factors, including level of education, years of experience, kind of business, geographic location, and area of expertise, affect a Social Media Manager’s average annual income. We’ve broken out the typical salary of Social Media Managers by experience level for you here:

Between $40,000 to $60,000 per year is the median wage range for an entry-level Social Media Manager. This is a beginning pay for someone with a bachelor’s degree or lower in marketing, communication, or a similar subject who is just entering the workforce and may have just completed internships or gained minimal experience. Assisting senior Social Media Managers with more sophisticated initiatives and maybe handling duties as simple as developing and scheduling social media material and monitoring and responding to client interactions.

In the midst of one’s career Earnings for a Social Media Manager range between $60,000 and $85,000 annually. With a few years of experience and a solid portfolio, a Social Media Manager may command a salary in this area. They may be expected to take on additional duties, such as managing a social media campaign, consulting with clients to determine their wants and requirements, and keeping a project on track to meet deadlines and stay under budget.

Professionals in the field of high-ranking social media management may expect to earn an annual income of $85,000 to $120,000. Managers of social media platforms who have extensive expertise and a history of launching successful campaigns may expect salaries in this category. Additionally, they may be expected to oversee a group of Social Media Managers and coordinate closely with project stakeholders.

What Affects the Pay of Social Media Managers

Salary ranges for Social Media Managers can be significantly impacted by candidates’ levels of education and professional experience. In addition to appropriate work experience, a degree in marketing, communication, or a similar discipline tends to lead to better starting salary for those who hold the position of social media manager.

It’s also important to consider the industry in which a Social Media Manager is employed when estimating their wage. In general, the wages of Social Media Managers are highest in the fields of technology, marketing, advertising, online retail, and management consulting.

Salary ranges for Social Media Managers can be affected by factors such as location and local cost of living. To offset the greater cost of living, compensation for social media managers tend to be higher in more expensive cities.

Earning potential for Social Media Managers increases with specialization in areas like content development, analytics, and marketing.

Managers of social media accounts often earn more if they have worked with a variety of platforms and are familiar with each one’s unique features and best practices.

The Highest Paying Sectors for Social Media Managers

Social Media Manager Salaries: How Much Do They Make?

Technology is one of the highest paying sectors for social media managers because of the importance that many tech firms take on maintaining a strong online profile.

Marketers and advertisers pay Social Media Managers the most since they have the most responsibility for developing and implementing successful social media campaigns for their customers.

As they play a significant role in boosting online sales and expanding their company’s name recognition, Social Media Managers in the e-commerce industry typically earn more than their counterparts in other industries.

Social media managers who work for consulting firms typically earn more money because of the more variety in their job and the greater responsibility they have for the social media strategy of several clients.

Opportunities in Social Media Administration

A Junior Social Media Manager often has less experience than their senior counterparts and is responsible for tasks such as content creation and scheduling, customer contact monitoring and response, and aiding with more advanced initiatives.

The duties of a Senior Social Media Manager include the management of social media campaigns, the development and implementation of social media strategies, and the development of a deep understanding of customers’ wants and needs.

To guarantee the success of a project, a Lead Social Media Manager coordinates the efforts of a team of Social Media Managers and maintains tight relationships with the project’s stakeholders.

A company’s overall social media strategy and the work of a team of Social Media Managers report to the Manager of Social Media.

One option for social media managers is to work independently as a consultant or freelancer, providing their skills to other companies for a fee. This can be advantageous since it allows you to choose your own hours and tasks, but it also means that you have to manage your own business.


In conclusion, education, experience, industry, location, and specialty all have a role in the Social Media Manager’s salary. In general, the wages of Social Media Managers are highest in the fields of technology, marketing, advertising, online retail, and management consulting. Social media managers that have expertise across several channels and platforms also typically earn more. Career prospects for people interested in social media management look promising, since this subject is expected to expand as social media continues to play an essential role in both the corporate world and the wider culture.


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