React Native Application Examples – 12 Best Examples in 2023

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React Native is a cross-platform framework for creating native mobile applications using JavaScript.

Facebook, Skype, Tesla, and Walmart are some of the companies that have been successful with this technology.

The article provides a list of 12 React Native application examples, which you can use to get inspiration for your own app.

What is React Native?

React Native is a cross-platform framework for creating native mobile applications using JavaScript. This is an open-source project developed by Facebook, Walmart, Skype, Tesla, and other companies.

Required Skills to Use React Native

You will need to have some basic knowledge of JavaScript and the React library.

The easiest way to get started with a first React Native app is to use the platform’s own boilerplate, which is called Create React Native App.

With this application, it is possible to choose from different platforms and more importantly, JSX support for JavaScript for those who are not as comfortable with JavaScript as they are with Java or Swift.

This means that you do not have to write HTML but instead can use XML-like tags in your code.

How to Use React Native?

You can install it through npm or Yarn.

Before you are able to use React Native in your app, you have to create a directory where the application will be installed.

The react-native command is used for this.

This command creates an app with the default package configuration in ./node_modules/react-native/Libraries/.

The React Native framework has good documentation which is updated every time a new feature is added to the framework.

The easiest way to get started with a first React Native app is create-react-native-app which will automatically choose from different platforms and more importantly, JSX support for JavaScript for those who are not as comfortable with JavaScript as they are with Java.

12 React Native Application Examples

React Native Application Examples – 12 Best Examples in 2023

1. Facebook Ads and React Native

Facebook ads could be an important part of your app.

With React Native, you could use the Facebook Ads SDK to integrate Facebook Ads into your app.

There are plenty of examples of how to do this, but this is one example that also includes a tutorial for implementing it.

React Native provides developers with multiple ways to implement Facebook’s ad service inside their apps – whether that’s through the Publisher Ad Manager SDK or through the AdMob mediation solution.

Both methods are made by Facebook and work just as well as their other services.

2. Skype and React Native

With Skype, you can make voice calls over Wi-Fi or your data connection, send text messages to friends and make cheap calls around the world.

When it comes to React Native application for Skype, the company has developed a wrapper around native UI components and features.

This means that they have built their own React Native component which you can use in your app if building an application using Skype as well.

For those who want to build apps for Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp there is another way to access these services without writing any code since all of them provide SDKs with APIs available through JavaScript.

3. Tesla and React Native

Tesla is an all-electric car company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. The price of their cars starts at $35k for the base model S with 70 kWh battery pack option.

Tesla uses React Native to build their iOS app.

Their application provides access to all of the car’s features, including opening and closing the panoramic roof or checking out how much range is left in your battery pack.

The user interface looks smooth because it is built with React Native views which are hardware-accelerated through a framework called RNGL for scrolling purposes.

4. Sound Cloud Pulse and React Native

With SoundCloud Pulse, you can create playlists that let you discover new music from similar artists based on what you like, find friends who share your taste in music by following them, or just search for tracks related to any topic directly from within the product experience itself.

This company has designed its own using TypeScript as well as React Native.

Their customers include large brands and small startups alike, such as Fox News, Spotify, and Uber Eats.

5. Whym and React Native?

This company has developed its own framework called WHYM which enables developers to create apps for the connected home in JavaScript with no prior experience needed on iOS or Android development languages like Swift or Objective-C since it is built on top of them.

What you need are some basic skills about nodejs, npm package manager, Javascript/TypeScript code editor plus git version control system that will help you work more efficiently when building your app using WHYM platform.

Whym provides a set of components out of the box so developers can easily build a smart home app.

6. Walmart and React Native

Walmart has over 11K stores worldwide that receive millions of customers each day (and growing). They know how important customer service is for them – it can be a key factor whether you come back again or not.

React Native in Walmart is used to build a new iOS app that enables users to quickly access all the relevant information about their favorite products.

Using the React Native framework, Walmart has been able to launch this application on time with features such as checkout and customer service chat which can be used within an app itself without having to open it in Safari browser first.

This means they have developed their own component for those services also using React Native platform from Facebook.

7. Instagram & React Native

Instagram allows users to take pictures using their mobile device’s camera then apply filter effects and share them on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram also offers a React Native component for their application, which is good news for those who want to build their own app with Instagram inside.

One of the most important features you get once using React Native component is smooth scrolling because it’s hardware-accelerated by RNGL framework which provides a set of native elements that are carefully designed and optimized specifically for iOS devices.

Instagram has over 300 million active users monthly, making its application highly engaging at least in comparison with many other apps on both platforms.

This company also uses TypeScript as well as React Native platform from Facebook when building applications since it helps developers write better code without facing too many difficulties.

8. YETI Smart Home and React Native

The YETI Smart home is a new offering from the smart home company founded by Brian Hanavan. The platform is built on top of React Native to offer its users an easy way to create prototypes of connected homes that they develop.

It was developed with TypeScript as well as React Native, which has made it possible to have Windows 8 Store app for their software development kit which makes it possible to share specific features available via SDKs with developers who want to build apps for this company’s product line.

With so many components available out of the box, this framework has made it easier for developers to build new features on top of existing ones such as the Billing and Payment feature which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

React Native Application Examples – 12 Best Examples in 2023

The YETI Smart home application has been designed with React Native to offer its users a platform that provides more than 50+ components, making it possible to create any type of connected home project you want without having to start from scratch coding everything yourself (which can be very time-consuming).

This company also uses TypeScript since it’s part of the ES2015 standard along with Flow static type checker.

This means that developers writing code using Typescript will get better auto-completion tools while working in their favorite IDEs such as Visual Studio Code or WebStorm.

9. Uber Eats and React Native

Uber Eats provides customers with food delivery options at more than 200,000 restaurants in 600 cities around the world (and growing). To be able to integrate this feature into your app need SDK for iOS or Android.

10. ChaperHome & React Native

ChaperHome is a smart home solution that allows you to control your lights, air-conditioners, TV set, etc. through an app on your phone or tablet.

ChaperHome was developed with React Native and TypeScript. It has one of the best graphical user interfaces among similar products; it’s really easy-to-use, cool, and convenient.

11. Airbnb and React Native

Airbnb is one of the best sites for finding a place to live in any country. It has more than 3 million listings with prices starting from $25/night and it’s available on all major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone among others.

Airbnb is developed in React Native and it also uses Redux and some other libraries to help developers understand their code better.

12. Shine and React Native

Shine is an example of a company that uses React Native in its application. The company is working with healthcare providers to reduce hospital readmissions and fight against the opioid crisis.

Shine uses React Native for both iOS and Android applications. Redux is used for handling the data flow in its app, React Navigation library to handle routing between screens.

It also uses react-native elements which provide a set of native UI components that are carefully designed with customizable attributes so developers can easily configure them according to their needs.


In conclusion, it is worth checking React Native examples to get an idea about what can be done with this technology and how you could build your own application using the framework.


Is React Native used in big companies?

React Native is the fastest growing cross-platform mobile development framework. It’s used by Facebook, Walmart, Tesla, Airbnb, Microsoft, Skype, and Yeti among others.

What are the best React Native apps?

The Facebook ads that are designed to promote engagement on the social media platform are made with React Native that is a JavaScript library. Microsoft’s Skype has also made efforts in reinventing itself by adopting React Native which offers what it called multiplatform engineering. Tesla, Walmart, Airbnb, Sound Cloud Pulse, Yeti Smart Home are all companies that use React Native in their applications.

How good are React Native apps?

There is no clear answer on how good React Native apps are. It depends on the company and the project. For example, Facebook ads are designed to promote engagement on social media so they need to be effective in achieving this goal. However, an app like Airbnb with listings starting at $25/night need to be more functional in order for people to want to use it.

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