How to Make HTML5 Game – Best Tips and Tricks (2023)

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HTML5 is a revolutionary technology that has caused the decline of Flash. It’s the latest in browser-based gaming, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about how to make HTML5 game, including how to make one!

What is an HTML5 Game?

An HTML5 Game is a type of game that is played in the browser through a web page with no need for an app installation.

Content can be hosted on any site and it can be accessed through the browser and will work on any device running Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS.

What Skills are Needed to Create an HTML5 Game?

The most basic coding skills such as logic and problem solving are needed to create games in HTML5.

Basic math skills such as addition subtraction, multiplication, and division are also necessary.

The skills and tools needed to create an HTML5 game depend on the type of game that you are making.

For example, if you are building a 2-D platformer then JavaScript is necessary. If you are making something more complex, then NodeJS might be required.

Building Blocks

There are many building block components that you can use to create HTML games.

Some of these building blocks are:

  • JavaScript, WebGL and CSS/HTML for graphics;
  • SFXR or BFXR for sound effects:
  • PhaserJS for rendering sprites on screen;
  • Tiled map editor as a level designer.

Server Side

Server-side is something that you have to be especially careful about when working with HTML5 games.

Server-side means that your game will be running on a server, so you need to be sure that the server is powerful enough to handle the amount of traffic you are anticipating.

This can be more difficult than what would be necessary for a standard website because of the continuous streaming of data.

It’s also possible to make an MMO (massively multiplayer online) game using NodeJS as the backend server along with SocketIO technology to communicate between servers and clients in real-time.

How To Distribute An HTML Game?

How To Distribute An HTML Game

The web is basically a free place where everyone has equal access so setting up your own website will cost nothing!

You could also publish it on Facebook if you have an account there but this may not be the best option because the web has a lot more traffic.

Publishing an HTML5 game on Facebook is as easy as adding your HTML5 game to your business page.

From there you can post the game to your page’s feed, allowing friends and followers to enjoy!

HTML Game Frameworks

There are many HTML game frameworks that make it easy to build games in HTML without spending too much time writing code or learning new languages, such as PhaserJS and ImpactJS.


PhaserJS is an HTML5 game framework that makes it easy to build games in HTML. It has many tools that are very helpful for game development, such as sprite rendering and tile maps.

It also has plugins available that have been written by the community that you can download for free to help you with any type of game that you are looking to build!


Impact is an HTML game engine and toolset built-in JavaScript and CSS, which makes creating games easier than ever before.

It’s designed with performance very much in mind so Impact games run at 60fps on any device!

With the included level editor you can create levels without touching code or messing around with complicated software. You can then upload your finished game online using Github pages.

This framework also has many tools that are helpful for game development, such as sprite rendering and tile maps.

HTML Game Development Courses

If you don’t know how to code but want to learn how to create an HTML game there are also courses that can teach you quickly through video tutorials.


One of these is Udemy’s “Create A Complete HTML Game From Scratch” course which costs $11.99 at the moment!

It includes over 50 lectures with detailed explanations on everything from sprite sheets, tiled maps, animation scripting, and multiplayer servers for online models using Nodejs.


Coursera offers a course on HTML game development which is specifically geared towards game developers who want to learn how to make games in HTML.

This course takes you through all of the logical stages of game design and teaches you about building interactive layouts or interfaces that work well with keyboard controls as well as mobile devices such as touch screens!

It also provides resources where you can find out more information if needed before moving on to your next topic.

There are many other game-dev-related topics covered within this comprehensive lecture series from top universities from around the world.

HTML Game Development Tasks

HTML Game Development Tasks

There are many HTML game development tasks that you can find online to help build your portfolio of projects.

This is an example game dev task on ODesk. The developer has asked for a clone of the popular mobile game Flappy Bird, which would have been built with JavaScript or a similar programming language.

So, it’s important to know how these languages work before taking on this project.

It also needs advanced animation script knowledge as well as some experience using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in order to create all sprites needed.

There will be more coding involved than designing which might not sound too appealing but knowing what tools need to be used beforehand could save time later down the line if they’re already available within your current skill set.

Odesk is just one website offering HTML game development tasks with many others out there, so be sure to check them all out!

There are also jobs available on freelancing websites if you have the time and patience to apply for each individual task required in order to build your portfolio of completed projects.

You will need some examples ready before applying or trying to get a job straight away without any references though otherwise, it might not work out too well at first!

HTML5 Gamedev Communities

HTML5 game dev communities are all over the internet, but some of the most active ones are on Facebook and Twitter.

Just be sure to follow the specific hashtag for HTML5 game development on social media sites like these.


In today’s guide, I’ve covered the basics of HTML5 game development. We learned how to make an HTML5 game, what skills are needed, and basically where you can learn HTML5 game development.


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