Back End Developers – Important Things to Know About in 2023

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If you are reading this article, chances are that you have heard of front-end developers and designers.

But what about the back end developer? Back end developers don’t get as much publicity because their work is not visible to the customer.

They create a user interface for the site which will be seen by customers. In other words, they build a skeleton structure for your website or app so it can function properly.

With more than half of all web development being done in PHP programming language, many people need to know how to find these talented professionals!

This article explains everything about back end developers, what back end development is, as well as what back end developers do.

What Is a Back-End Developer?

Backend developers primarily write components in server system parts. They must be capable of analyzing software needs and determine how to build special functions of a given program.

Back-ends are an industry. The developers must possess a solid understanding of agile methodologies and/or related tests.

Backend developer can easily use all the technologies necessary if an enterprise uses one particular Backend technology like PHP, MySQL, or Python. API access services on top of the server.

Back-end engineers have lots of features but you are soon going to see how they vary. When things go well backend developers share.

Back-end Engineer vs Back-end Developer: Main differences

The backend developer and backend engineer debate takes place since they share similar duties and responsibilities.

The main difference is that the backend engineer is the most responsible for communicating with leaders in the company to understand end-user’s requirements.

A backend developer usually has to do this to execute the backend engineer’s plans. Backend engineers need to show that designers have proven their ideas. In this case designers. The developers do not have any responsibility for designing their total development systems.

Backend engineering is responsible for the development of software applications making software applications possible instead of designing the whole system that is designed by engineers.

What Is Backend Development?

The backend of a site is a combination of servers, applications, and databases. Backend developers are responsible for constructing the structure of software applications.

Backend developers use various tools, languages, and frameworks for this task. All of them use servers and a wide range of Java technologies, too.

A large team of developers includes both backend developers and front-end developers where the developers collaborate on producing the best product.

Backend development is a similar word to server development. Backends are also described as ‘backend development’ and Server-side development Backend Development primarily focuses on databases backend logic, APIs, and servers.

Languages Back-End Developers Need to Know

Back End Developers – Important Things to Know About in 2023

Back-end developers need to know the following languages:

  • HTML (most common)
  • CSS (most common)
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

But not every back end developer knows these languages.

Some front end developers may not know any of them, but they do know how to work with back-end developers using these programming languages.

Backend developers usually work with languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python, or server-side JavaScript. Modern websites employ an array of languages.

Basically, most programming languages have different web frameworks to choose from when creating websites.

Back-end developers should be able to keep an eye on emerging framework language developments as the market grows fast.

The Internet runs on open standards and the backend developers have many options on which language they should choose to work.

The decision varies generally from company to company and sometimes even in each department of the company.

What Backend Skills Are in Demand?

Programming languages are in demand by developers, back-end developers especially.

This is because databases like MySQL need to be written in code so they can function properly.

JavaScript, PHP, and HTML are all important for the coding of these types of statements.

Algorithms can solve problems. Absence of knowledge on this element limited usability for a backend developer.

Data structures in the back-end are key elements during the career of backend developers. It is the base for organizing, accessing, and manipulating data in programming.

Backend developer must have knowledge of algorithms that will address any given problem. Data structures support the access and organization of data.

Data structures are fundamental parts of the professional career of back-end developers. It is also relevant to understand how to use data structures.

What are Data Structures?

The first thing to know about data structures is that they’re basically algorithms for storing and retrieving data.

To construct a data type, you must specify what the data type is, the names of the fields that this data type specifies, and the order in which each field should be stored. The syntax may vary depending on the programming language you are using.

Every programming language will have different rules about how it can read and write variables. For instance, C# has two ways to loop through arrays.

What Back End Developers Do And How It Relates to Front End Developers?

Back-end developers are responsible for building a user interface for the site which will be seen by customers.

Front-end developers, on the other hand, are responsible for designing the front-end of your website or app. These two teams play an important role in web development.

Both are needed to create an outstanding product, but it is especially important that they work together.

Also, back-end developers use programming languages like PHP which front-end developers will not be familiar with. This does not mean there can’t be a collaboration between the two though! Once you have a good understanding of what each team member contributes to the project, it is easier to work together.

Front-end developers are responsible for designing the front end of your website or app.

Back-end developers create a user interface for the site which will be seen by customers.

Both teams play an important role in web development and collaboration between them can help both sides learn from each other!

These two teams must work together to produce excellent products that meet customer needs! It’s also important that you understand what back end developer does as this team uses programming languages like PHP which front end developers may not know much about.

This doesn’t mean they cannot collaborate though – once you have a good understanding of how these teams function separately, then working together becomes easier too! As long as you know what each team member contributes to the project, it will be easier for you.

Back-end developers also write SQL statements that run databases (which store website information) like MySQL to make websites function properly.

This is where many people find that their skills differ from front-end development because HTML and CSS knowledge doesn’t necessarily translate into knowing how to program using these languages!

How much does a back-end developer make?

Back End Developers – Important Things to Know About in 2023

This is a question that often comes up when talking about web development salary.

Unfortunately, there isn’t one answer because each company has its own specific pay scale depending on many factors including location and the cost of living in different cities!

According to, the average salary of a back-end developer depends on many factors including skills and experience, geographic location, demand for the candidate, and cost of living in different cities.

For example:

  • Best case scenario: $100 an hour (location: San Francisco)
  • Average salary: $62 an hour (location: Chicago)
  • Worst case scenario: $510 an hour (location: Miami)

The good news though is that while you may not be earning as much right now compared to other developers, this experience will put you in an even better position for your next job where pay typically increases with experience.

According to Payscale average earnings of a Backend Developer is $130K. Backend developer earns more than Frontend developer.


This was everything you need to know about back-end developers. I hoped you liked the article and learned something new. If you still have any questions, check the FAQ section below.


Are back-end developers paid more?

The average salary of a back-end developer varies since there are different factors that can affect it, such as skills and experience, country and city, as well as demand for the back-end developer in an area.

What do you need to know as a backend developer?

A back-end developer can design, debug, and even deploy some websites. The primary language they use is server-side technology like SQL or Java to build features on the website.

Who makes more front-end or back-end developers?

A front-end developer makes an average salary of $79,000 — high enough to make this a sustainable career choice for most people.

The average salary varies widely depending on the city and company you work with. The average salary of a Backend Developer is $130,000. Backend developer has a higher salary than Frontend developer.

Is front-end development easier than back-end development?

I have found that some people believe back-end development is easier than front-end development, while some people believe front-end development is easier.

It depends on the person’s skill set. For example, if you are more inclined to math rather than design, then back-end development may be a better choice for you.

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