Sql server

Building a database system on a platform like SQL Server 2008 ensures the product application to be self-tuned, self-organized and self-administered. It is all equipped with facilities to support structured and semi-structured data – which means it can be used or integrated with varied forms of applications.

At Aim Web Tecnologies, we make the best use of our professional skills to develop database solutions for you. Our database administrators make best value come with their extreme capabilities of database engineering – thereby making your data fit to collaborate and sync with the application.

SQL Server Features

  • SQL Monitoring for troubleshooting a performance issue
  • Back-up compression
  • Central Management Servers
  • Easy Data Compression process
  • Predictable Performance and Concurrency
  • Transparent Data Encryption

Our Services

  • SQL Server 2008 database development
  • SQL Server 2008 Enterprise information management
  • SQL Server 2008 for social platforms
  • SQL Server 2008 for large administrative organizations