Our Process

 Website Development Process

Step 1: Contact and Completion of this Guide

We find out about your company, what results you are desiring, and if we are the right company for you. Upon completion, we will provide you with a proposal and cost estimate within one week of receiving your answers to this guide.
Estimated timeframe: 1 weeks

Step 2: Project Orientation / Outline Development

This step in your website development allows us to work with you on an outline for your company’s website. We have discovered that this is one of the most helpful steps in our process. It requires you to really step back and evaluate the direction of your company, the needs you have, and what benefits you will gain from an updated or new online presence.
Estimated timeframe: 1-2 weeks

Step 3: Website Design

Upon completion of the outline for your website and your approval to move to this step, we begin the design and layout of your website.
Estimated timeframe: 1-2 weeks (depending upon approval of design and layout)

Step 4: : Website Programming / Development Site / Content Development

Upon your approval of Step Three: Website Design, the programming of the site begins. During this process, a development site will be accessible where progress on the website can be monitored by your company. It also helps you see the areas of your website that need content and copy. (Content development will be one of the most important aspects of your website, often causing a substantial increase in the amount of time needed to fully complete your website.)
Estimated timeframe: 2 weeks

Step 5: : Content Management System (CMS) Development

Our intuitive Content Management System,, provides our clients with a friendly user interface while offering a snapshot of your site’s usage as well as the ability to add, edit, and delete existing content on the website.